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My Son My Lover Part 1

This is not a real story.

Hello my name is Jane and I’m 38 years old and I’m happily married to my second Husband and I have 3 c***dren. my oldest is 22 and I twins age 5 and there my son c***dren and before I tell how my son became my lover let tell you about how he was born. P.S we live in the UK

I was 16 at the time and I was on my final year at school my first husband was my boyfriend at the time and 6 months before the exams my boyfriend got me pregnant and 3 months after the exams I gave birth to my son and my dad made me marry my boyfriend and when my son was 3 years old I divorce my first husband because he was cheating on me and I really didn’t care about him anymore anyway so now I’m a single mum with a year old son that I had a crush on every since he was a baby I always got turn on by him when breast feed him and every time he hug me and play kiss me on the lips, now he 6 years old I’m 22 and meet a nice guy called Stan and he was 24 when we got together and know what you’re thinking my son don’t like just the opposite he like him and don’t call him Stan or step dad he called him dad and that made me happy.

Now 10 years have passed Stan had a great job my son is 16 and I’m 32 years old and I still have a crush on my son more he a handsome young man all girls in school want to date him I just want to fuck him and I think he has a crush on me from the age of 13 because he always got a red face when he see me and trying to hide his hard on when I wear dresses or when I come out the bathroom with a towel around me so I had an idea to fuck him when he step-dad on overseas on work because that was my husband job sometimes he will go to the USA to help out there and luck for me he had to go for 5 months to the USA and he lease on my son final exams week and so the week before I want sexy clothes shopping and got a lot of sexy lingerie and dresses and the day came.
I had thing ready to go the night before my husband left and the morning came I gave my husband kiss before left and said “see you in 5 months love” and he wave to me and son and got in a taxi to the airport and was leaving for school I said “wait John (my son name) I want give a good luck kiss on the cheek” so I want over and give him a kiss on the cheek and hug and I felt his hard on and said to him “ don’t be late to night I some planned for you” he face turned red and want to school. I closed the front door and got myself ready for tonight, I had a bath to shave my legs and pussy hair and my underarm hair and I got out of the bath and want to my room and got myself dry and dried my hair with a hairdryer and I look at the time it was 11am so I put nail varnish on and watch T.V until 1pm I quick dry my nails with my hairdryer and got my outfit for tonight, I start with my sexy lace lingerie Nightwear Vest+G-string+Garter Belt+Fishnet Stocking and my Padded Bodycon clubwear mini dress lace + wet / leather look and put my make up on and the time now 3:15pm my son left school and on his way home.

3:30pm my son should be home any minute now I was standing in the front room looking out of the blinds of the window for him and saw him running home and I turn around to face the front room door as he come and my heart was pounding like drum and come indoors and said “I’m home mum” and I said “ I’m in the front room sweetie” and he came and one look made red like a tomato and he said “you’re..good.. luck ..kiss worked ..with my exams…mum” and I walk over to him and said “I knew that would help” and I hugged him feeling his hard on and he said “why are dressed like that mum” and I said “this is for for” and before he could say anything I kiss him on the lips and he wrap his arms around me and started kissing me back before I know it we were french kissing and then we stop looked at each other and I said “lets continue this in my room sweetie” and we want my room. I want in first and my son closed the door as turn around he put his arms back around me and we started french kissing again and we kiss for some time and I started to take of my son school uniform and he started to fill me up with his hands as to of his uniform and underwear and saw his big rock hard cock I said “you cock 10 times bigger than your real dads and 5 times bigger than you step fathers” he laid on the bed as I took of my dress revealing my sexy lace lingerie and he said “ wow you look so sexy mu..” I stop him saying mum and said “tonight and for 5 months your step fathers away I’m not you mum I’m your lover sweetie” as I kiss him again making my way down his body to his cock.

I began by licking his cock and slapping his cock on my tongue and then I wrap my mouth around his cock and began to suck him off, as my head was going up and down his cock he was moaning and I enjoyed sucking his cock and and moaned I’m cumming and he came in my mouth and I love the taste of his cum that I swallowed the cum and I said “you came and you haven’t fucked me yet sweetie” and he looked at me and said “I can cum again in an hour my lovely” so we has some food and waited until the hour mark, it was 7:30pm and we were back in my room kissing as this time he made his way down my body, kiss my chest, sucking my D cup boobs that made me more wet in my pussy and he took of my thong and kissed my pussy and started to lick it like a mad man, I was moaning like a schoolgirl as his tongue want in and out of my pussy and he stop and put a condom on after all I’m still his mother and he didn’t want me to get pregnant just yet, as he slowly put his cock in me and I could feel all of cock going in my wet pussy and he said “oh god you’re tight my love and I wish I didn’t have to wear this condom so I fill you raw” and I said as he slowly started moving his hips backwards and forwards “I’m tight because I have had sex in 2 weeks and you you can’t fuck me without a condom yet sweetie” and we looked at each other as he began to move a bit faster and we were kissing as his speed went up and now we were really fuck now as we did the doggie style and his cock went in and out my boobs went back and forward and I laid him down and rode his cock going up and down his shaft and we fuck for hours and I love every minute of it and I moaned “I’m cumming sweetie” and moaned “me to my love” I came first and he came all over my body and we laid down and kiss each other and fell asl**p.

To be counted

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  1. This very erotic please do send the second part of the story.

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